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Corderry Fruit Farm Timeline


Corderry Demesne was originally owned by the Fortescue family.

Three generations of Faithful Fortescues lived in Corderry. The present house was built in the 1820s/30s.
The farm yard was raised from single story building to a
much grander 2 story building in 1841.

The house was left to Elizabeth Barry, sister of the last Faithful Fortescue. She had no family and the estate was sold under the Incumbered Estates Act of 1849.
This act allowed the sale of estates without the consent of owners if the level of debt was greater than half the annual income.

The estate was sold to Francis Blackbourne who was the Attorney General, the Lord Chief Justice and Chancellor of Ireland. His son lived here for a while.

Following the death of three of his sons the trustees may have thought it was advisable to sell the estate to George Knaggs of Drogheda in 1871.


The estate then passed to George’s grandson, also called George. He had a son and two daughters. His son was killed in the last few months of WW1 and his two daughters, Doreen and Primrose, did not marry. Part of the estate was left to both daughters and the remainder to a nephew, George, who lived in Kenya. The estate was then put up for Auction in 1962 when it was bought by Edward Redmond.

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