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Pick Your Own Fruit

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We are one of the few commercial producers left in Ireland, who grow strawberries in the soil. Growing them this way gives them a better, sweeter flavour. We plant in May and June and use different varieties to extend the season meaning we have strawberries from May until September. 



We have grown raspberries for many years and this year we have been replanting our raspberries and are using 2 different varieties to extend the season. One is an early variety and the other a late fruiting variety. Raspberries are generally in season during the month of July. Here at Corderry we  cover them with a tunnel to protect the delicate berries from the weather.



Our sold out Pick Your Own Pumpkin events have become extremely popular.  Each year we aim to increase the number of varieties of pumpkins and gourds that we grow.

Image by Rob Wicks


We grow green gooseberries. They are ready around
the middle of June for cooking and baking with. In July they turn really sweet & juicy and are great for eating just as they are.



Here at Corderry we have our own Bramley apple orchard which  is 60 years old. These apple are cooking apples and great for baking tarts and crumbles. They will be ready in the Autumn. In future seasons we will re-introduce a range of eating varieties to our orchard.

Image by Amanda Hortiz

Other Fruit

We have a small amount of blackberries and we are planning to re-introduce blackcurrants, redcurrants and tayberries.



Our Pick Your Own sunflower days have become very popular.  Our sunflowers are usually ready in early Autumn. 

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